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I write winning words for wicked websites and wonderful clients! SEO copywriting helps your business rank on Google to bring more targeted buyers to your digital doorstep.
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Every word counts in SEO

So make sure you're using the right ones.
Make Words Work specialises in creating words that work for your business. SEO copywriting is the art and science of creating captivating, optimised content that generates more leads and drives conversions.

Why is this important for small businesses? Because great content remains a primary factor in determining your website's ranking on Google and other search engine results pages (or SERPs).
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SEO Services from Make Words Work

Written in your brand tone & language
Written to engage your audience
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No matter how niche or mainstream your market is, great content remains a primary ranking factor for search engine optimisation.

Your friendly Melbourne-based copywriter

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Investing in a freelance copywriter can strengthen your online brand presence and yield significant returns on your marketing investment. Renee Mariette, Director of Make Words Work, is an expert in creating web content that communicates a brand narrative that will resonate with your target audience while boosting your website's ranking.

Optimised content can generate more organic traffic to your website, boost conversions, and establish your brand as an authority in Google's eyes.

How I can Make Words Work for your Business

The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation


SEO improves the visibility of your website on SERPs so that when potential customers search for services related to your business, you show up first. Search engine visibility is proven to boost web traffic and increase revenue

Organic Traffic

Organic search traffic brings visitors to your site with a relevant and specific intent to your offer. Organic leads provide a considerably higher conversion rate when compared to conventional marketing, such as paid ads.

Brand Awareness

A first-page ranking on Google demonstrates credibility and you’ll be considered high-quality and trustworthy by prospective customers. SEO can improve your website's visibility and build trust with your target audience.

Cost Effective

Businesses that invest in SEO see a much higher ROI than those that don’t. This is because SEO has a cumulative effect on website traffic and lead generation, making it the ultimate tool in your marketing arsenal!

Meet the Dream Team

Your website written, designed and developed by not one, but two SEO experts
The Dream Team is fast becoming one of the most sought-after duos for creating unique, beautifully designed, fully optimised websites. Leading SEO experts Rachel of Rachel Jane Designs and Renee from Make Words Work join forces to help our clients stand out in the crowded landscape of business websites!

We’ve worked with businesses around the world and specialise in on-and-off-page search engine optimisation, providing services spanning the entire web-build process, including SEO research and strategy, content writing, web design, development, ongoing technical support and SEO copywriting services.
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Home page of Once in a Lifetime Holidays, showing copywriting by Make Words Work.
Home page of Dr Katey Cosmetics, showing copywriting by Make Words Work.
Home page of Murphys of Healesville, showing copywriting by Make Words Work.Home page of Clark Gen, showing copywriting by Make Words Work.
Dream Team Website Packages
Organic CTR
Still on the fence about making SEO part of your game plan? Google records over 60,000 searches every second. The click-through-rate (CTR) of first page organic search results is up to 62%, while paid ads achieve an average below 3%. 

So why is this the case? People trust organic listings because Google recognises and rewards relevant content that matches users' search queries, unlike advertisers who pay for their website to be displayed.
Source: Moz
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Meet Renee Mariette, SEO Copywriter and Director of Make Words Work

Meet Renee from Make Words Work

Make Words Work is Melbourne-based and led by Moi (aka Renee Mariette), a 20-year marketing veteran, writer and SEO specialist. Brand communication is an art, and words are a powerful driver in helping businesses reach their goals. 
I've had the pleasure of building award-winning marketing strategies for companies of all sizes around the world, and I love helping my fantastic clients achieve fist-pumping results through the power of words and SEO copywriting.
Your SEO Copywriter
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Small Business Guide to Search Engine Optimisation

Optimise your web copy, outrank your competitors and get more sales!

SEO copywriting is the key to gaining an edge over your competitors without breaking the bank. My SEO Guide unlocks the secrets of successful SEO with expert tips on conducting your keyword research, optimising your web copy and boosting your performance in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Get my top 10 DIY tips on keywords, meta descriptions, title tags, backlinks and other SEO tactics to get better results from your digital marketing efforts.
Coming Soon!

Search engine optimisation is a marathon, not a sprint.

SEO is a smart marketing strategy for small businesses as it delivers an outstanding return on investment. Beyond its ability to drive traffic to your website, SEO is also a cost-effective marketing strategy targeting users looking for products or services relevant to your business.

Committing to SEO services is a marathon, not a sprint, because the benefits compound over time to generate sustained, high-value leads. So, the longer you commit to SEO as a marketing strategy, the harder it will work for you!

Why should small businesses outsource their copywriting?

Picture this… You're at your desk with a coffee and a head full of ideas, ready to create coherent, concise, brand-aligned content for your website. 30 minutes later, you're still staring at a blank screen and a blinking cursor. Sounds familiar?

One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is finding the right words to articulate their message effectively while persuading their target audience to take action. Optimising your content adds another level of complexity to your task.

Outsourcing your copywriting to Make Words Work means you can focus on your core business activities while I expertly craft your digital brand narrative. As an SEO copywriter, your content will also be optimised to score bonus points with search engine algorithms. From fine-tuning your page structure and optimising your image ALT text to crafting meta descriptions and title tags and enhancing word count with relevant keywords.
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Renee Mariette on her laptop with a coffee, producing first-pumping results.
It’s not just about getting more traffic; it’s about getting more targeted, relevant traffic.
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Why Words Work

For your Business
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It can be incredibly daunting to break into the complex ecosystem of search engine algorithms, but understanding the basics can help you get more visibility on your website.

In reality, SEO is an ongoing strategy that requires consistent effort to get noticed by search engines.

Content must be fresh, grammatically correct, unique, keyword-rich and relevant - all while showcasing your brand and messaging in a manner that speaks to your audience. Whoa - that's a lot to take on onboard.
My blog, Why Words Work, is full of juicy, easy-to-follow tips designed to help you understand search intent, keywords, web traffic and copywriting, so you can optimise the sh*t out of your website.

But if it's all too much, and you've got better things to do with your time, drop me a line, and let's talk about your SEO and content writing requirements.
Pro-tip:  My blog is a super important part of my SEO strategy to help Google find my awesome content and rank my website higher in the SERPs.
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Make Words Work can unlock your business potential

through creative writing and technical know-how.
Client Stories
  • Joan Jones – Owner – Once in a Lifetime Holidays

    Creating a new website filled me with dread, particularly writing the content. We wanted to optimise our web copy with rich keywords from our SEO research but weren't sure how to weave that into our brand story organically. 

    Renee was recommended to us, and it was the best decision to have a professional complete this task. She was efficient, a dream to work with, and perfectly captured our business in words, making the most daunting task manageable. The entire project ran smoothly, and in a modern age where efficiency, dedication and passion are often scarce, Renee was an absolute dream to work with. She has produced results we couldn't be more happy with.
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  • Mickael - General Manager - Inspired Ingredients

    Renee is not only a great copywriter but also a marketing expert and a superb strategist. Putting ideas and a vision into words is a skill that cannot be improvised. It is a science that can only be mastered with years of experience, and Renee has MASTERED it. There is absolutely nothing I would change; the tone, the language, our values… it is all there. Within a month of launching our site, our Google ranking improved, and I already see increasing sales because of it. THE best investment you can make.
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