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The right words can improve your ranking, create sentiment, drive behaviour, and persuade visitors to convert.
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Working with a copywriter like me, armed with years of crafting compelling narratives for stellar websites and delighted clients, means you're in the most capable hands. 

I dive deep into the core of your business, the nuances of your industry, and the hearts of your audience to craft content that speaks to your customers and inspires action at the click of a button.

My journey to becoming an SEO copywriter

I’m Renee, an SEO copywriter specialising in writing words that work for your business. I started my career in marketing at the ripe old age of 18, fresh out of high school in Brisbane. I worked in the professional services industry before escaping the insulation of my comfort zone and expanding my creative mind through travel.

Nearly two decades later, I'm still exploring the world. I’ve travelled, lived and studied globally, working my way up in the marketing ranks. 

I took on some impressive corporate gigs, such as Head of Marketing and CMO in the food, wine, agriculture, and renewable energy sectors.
Rene Mariette, an SEO Copywriter based in Melbourne, standing in the sun in a pink jumper and smiling with her eyes closed.
COVID was pivotal for many of us, and my perspective on success shifted. I no longer saw success as something I owned but rather as something I should share. I took a giant leap of faith and launched my brand, Make Words Work, to direct my 20+ years of experience to help small businesses grow.

Throughout my career, my interest in SEO increased as the algorithms got more intelligent and good copywriting became fundamental in digital success. Nowadays, Google has become the central source of truth, with more than 60,000 search queries every second. Launching Make Words Work gave me the perfect opportunity to combine my love of writing with my knowledge of SEO.
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An SEO copywriter plays a crucial role in a website's success by increasing its visibility and driving traffic.

I’m passionate about making words work for your business.

My 'why' or 'raison d'être' is something I spent a great deal of time harnessing, as it is at the core of why I became a freelance SEO copywriter. My 'why' keeps me grounded in my purpose as my business grows.
My 'why' is to share your greatness.
Small business owners are the torchbearers of their dreams, infusing every fibre of their being into their offering. In a world dominated by mass production, these entrepreneurs channel their expertise towards making a difference and serving greatness.

Why I'm here for small business owners....

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To write optimised content for websites
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To help your website rank higher in SERPs and improve their brand awareness, lead generation and conversion
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So more people can find your great products and services.
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To share your greatness.

Why I’m passionate about making words work for small businesses

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Small businesses stem from the owners' passion, which translates into their work.
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Their commitment to excellence resonates with my own values and work ethic.
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They excel in personalisation, which makes working with them uniquely rewarding.
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Small businesses give back to local charities, events, and causes, making collaboration more meaningful.
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They foster a sense of belonging and togetherness within their communities.
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Small businesses stimulate the local economy, creating a positive cycle of growth and opportunity.
My 'why' or 'raison d'être' is something I spent a great deal of time harnessing, as it is at the core of why I became a freelance SEO copywriter. My 'why' keeps me grounded in my purpose as my business grows.
My 'why' is to amplify your greatness

Industries I’ve provided copywriting services for

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Energy and gas
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Food and wine
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Forest regeneration
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Travel and tourism
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Cosmetics and beauty
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Make Words Work client stay on top of optimisation with up-to-date, fresh SEO content on their site.

Who I write For

SEO'less Copywriters

Detailed content audits and customised SEO strategies to guide copywriters to achieve optimal results for their business or clients.

Small Businesses

In today's fast-paced digital age, well-crafted and up-to-date web content is crucial for businesses to stay relevant and engage their audience.

Web Developers

Don't let your design expertise go to waste! Great design alone isn't enough without quality copywriting perfectly aligned with your client's brand.


I can help you fill in the 'lorem ipsum' with content that resonates deeply with your client's target audience, to enhance engagement and relevance.
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Are you ready to take your website content to the next level?

Here's how it works

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Let's introduce ourselves

Fill out the enquiry form to arrange a discovery call. This is our chance to connect, discuss your goals, and determine the scope of your project.
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Planning and proposal

I’ll compile a comprehensive proposal for you. Once you’re ready to proceed, secure your spot on my calendar with a 50% upfront payment.
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Content questionnaire

To capture the essence of your business and branding, I’ll send you a content questionnaire covering details like your tone and target audience.
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The writing process begins

Combining your keywords with my creative expertise, I’ll craft powerful and persuasive content to bring your vision to life.

What's included

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Optimised page structure
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Written in your brand tone and language
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100% original text
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Written to engage your audience
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100% grammatically correct
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Keyword optimised
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Title and meta descriptions
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Image ALT tags
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Internal linking strategy
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Two rounds of amends
Ready to chat?

SEO Copywriter by day - foodie by night

There’s more to me than words - although I tend to have a lot of them. Here are a few things about me you might like to know.
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Food is life!
I’ve travelled to 30 countries (so far) and lived in 5
I speak English and French
My husband and I currently live in the beautiful Yarra Valley with our fur baby, Charlie
I have a Bachelor of Business Marketing, Events Management and a Degree in French through La Sorbonne in Paris
I was a volunteer country Firefighter in South Australia
I have a skydiving licence
My ultimate life goal is to own a French chateau and turn it into a beautiful chambre d'hôte and wedding venue
My happy clients
  • Sarah - Owner - PPL Centrik

    Renee was a pleasure to work with in creating my business website, PPL Centrik. Having never done this before, Renee led me through the process by asking me really great questions to get to know me and my business. She then transformed this into content that represented my brand. She provided great advice and went over and above in the overall launch of my website. I would highly recommend her for SEO copywriting.
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  • Michelle - Owner - Murphy’s of Healesville

    Renee came highly recommended for her local SEO services, and we were delighted with her work. We desperately needed professional marketing after battling through the COVID lockdowns in Victoria. Renee created clever campaigns using her design skills and bright and engaging wording. 

    On her initiative, Renee identified that we needed to develop a five-year business plan, which was well beyond what we had asked her to do. She identified improvement areas and oversaw the transition, upgrading our website to take advantage of an SEO makeover. We highly recommend Renee for her expertise.
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