6 reasons why you should work with freelance copywriters

Renee Mariette, owner and SEO copywriter at Make Words Work.
Written by Renee Mariette 
April 26, 2023 
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It's no secret that the freelance economy is on the rise.

The Australian workforce has changed, and more businesses are turning to professional freelancers to get the job done - and it's not hard to see why.

One in three Australians started a side hustle since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning roughly 6.6 million highly educated, skilled people are available to support your business needs for a fraction of the cost of hiring them full-time. This is especially true for marketers, like me, who took the plunge into freelance work to offer my extensive experience as a service.

Having worked with in-house marketing teams for years, I understand how difficult it is to dedicate time to creating great content at scale.

Yes, we had a content strategy.

Yes, we had an implementation plan, timelines and KPIs.

But for all the good intentions, and without having a dedicated content writer – we simply didn't have the time to produce expertly written content regularly. Sound familiar?

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Compelling content is the basis of most forms of marketing

It is how you engage with your customers. It establishes relationships with your target audience by providing valuable information that meets their needs, interests, desires, and problems. Great content helps you build trust, develop strong relationships, generate leads and improve conversions.

As an expert freelance copywriter, I can plan and create clear, concise content for your website, blog, email sequences, lead magnets, printed collateral, ads and more. Here are 6 compelling reasons why a freelancer could work for your business.

1. Get fresh, original content regularly

Your customers (and prospective customers) are hungry for relevant content, and Google loves it too. You’ll also complete projects faster by adding an extra person to your team – and you’ll do it without adding to your headcount.

2. Boost your search engine rankings

A good copywriter can write copy that meets your company's objectives while engaging your audience and boosting your website's performance on search engines. Optimised content provides an excellent opportunity for your business to maximise every marketing dollar spent. This is because searchers are 62% more likely to click on an organic listing over a paid advertisement. In fact, 100K organic visits per month would cost an estimated $122K to achieve through PPC (pay-per-click) ads.

3. Professional copywriters deliver results

If your copywriter knows your objectives, targets and goals, they’ll provide copy that delivers results against these metrics, whether boosting traffic, converting prospects into customers, increasing sign-up rates or downloading an e-book.

4. We’re Cost-Effective

While you might initially do a double-take on the hourly rate when you get your first freelancer quote, employers can expect to save 20 to 30 per cent a year with a freelancer compared to a full-time employee. It's easier to understand why when you factor in the absence of sick days, holiday pay, superannuation, employee insurance, office space and supplies.

5. We’re Flexible

A copywriter can help you launch a new website, rebrand your business, introduce a new service, build an email sequence or create compelling content for a campaign. We're on hand to fulfil project-based business needs or be engaged to support long-term strategies. Hiring a freelancer is a great way to inject a new skill set and expand your team. Plus, most freelancers have years of experience across many fields and are excellent advisors.

6. We Offer A Fresh Perspective

Most freelancers come from extensive careers and can provide fresh perspectives and strategic advise to inspire creativity. I've had the pleasure of building winning marketing strategies for companies of all sizes for over 20 years, and I love to help businesses achieve fist-pumping results through the power of communication.

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